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Originally from a small town in Arizona, I moved to Phoenix in 2010 with the hope to have my opportunities expanded and indeed they were. Through my experiences in the time I have been on this earth, I have developed a taste for exploring new places, trying new delicious food, and finding beauty in the uncommon. There is so much to this world and so many ways to experience life. I hope to help show unique perspective from my travels and share fun itineraries for others to try.

For the past decade or more, I've developed a bit of a methodology to planning for trips. I like to do a deep dive into the unknown land I'm about to embark on and research many aspects before I head out. I tend to look into various ideas such as, current festivals/ events going on, top local restaurants and wineries/breweries, as well as hiking and other exploratory guides. I am not only putting in the hours in researching the heck out of these areas, I am also putting boots on the ground to gain a first-hand perspective of the land. With all of this extensive research that seem to always benefit the experience, I wanted to share my findings to help other travelers achieve a well-rounded trip of their own. By putting a lot of thought into these trips, I consider myself to be a thoughtful explorer but the other aspect of the thoughtfulness is that I donate a portion of proceeds for purchases made through the webstore to give back to the earth by donating to special cause (details on our Featured Cause page).

I love to spread inspiration and encouragement to those around me, in what ever they find their passion or interests to be. I hope you can utilize this website to find inspiration to travel, explore and enjoy this earth.


Drop a line below if you'd like to share your experiences or have questions for me. 

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