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Fun In The Sun Lake Havasu Weekend - Itinerary Linked!

Updated: May 15, 2023

There are a few ways to handle the heat in Arizona. Some avoid it at all cost by staying indoors while others embrace it by mixing a little sunshine with a refreshing dip in a lake. One of my favorite lakes in Arizona is Lake Havasu which happens to be home to the second-largest tourist attraction in Arizona. Spend a weekend here and you can have an experience filled with a fun combination of relaxation, excursion, and beauty.

A Bit Of History

The creation of the Parker Dam in 1938 is what formed Lake Havasu. The lake lies uniquely at the border of Arizona and California. The city of Lake Havasu was established by inventor and entrepreneur, Robert P. McCulloch, Sr. in1963 and has been growing its' community ever since.

There are several nuances to the city of Lake Havasu that most other small cities can't claim. The most well-known feature to the city is the famous London Bridge that connects the cities island to the main land. The bridge, whose original home was on the River Thames in London, England, was transported brick by brick and rebuilt to currently reside on Lake Havasu and officially opened in 1971. In bringing the bridge over, the Bridgewater Channel was also created which is a popular spots for tourists and locals. Another impressive feat is Lake Havasu's collection of functional lighthouses. The lakes shoreline features 28 scaled-down lighthouse replicas, each with their own origin story.


This city draws people in for many reasons beyond the history, recreation, and landscapes. With festivals, races and parades throughout the year, you will have a reason to keep coming back again and again. Each month has something to offer visitors and I have included 1 highlight per month to look forward to. There are actually a few months where there are multiple big events going on, so keep your eye out if you are planning a trip.


Annual Balloon Festival


Annual Lake Havasu City Rockabilly Reunion


The WORCS (World Off Road Championship Series) races


Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout


U.S. Freestyle PWC (Personal Water Craft) Championship


Jet Jam PWC Racing Series


Fireworks Over the Lake


smaller events such as Farmer's Markets


Jet Jam PWC Championship


IJSBA (International Jet Sports Boating Association) World Finals


Annual Gem and Mineral Show


Annual Lake Havasu Holiday Boat Parade of Lights

Where To Stay

This place has all that a lake-lover could want. All rooms are stocked with standard amenities, each have their own great lake view and are just steps away from their beach. They have their own dock to rent various-sized watercrafts from, which takes a lot of the hassle out of the boat renting process and doesn't require too much coordination for drop-off and pick-up. Just load up your ice chest from your room, bring it to the dock and at the end of the day, park it back at the dock and take your sun-toasted self back to your room to recover. If you are bringing your own boat, you can park it in the water to have it ready to go whenever you are. They also have great dining, coffee, several lounge bars, private beach as well as an outdoor pool on their property, which makes it possible lounge the day away on your vacation without having to stray too far. Two of the 28 aforementioned lighthouses reside on the property grounds, so that will be an easy check off your to-see list. Quite a few of the cities' annual events take a place on the Island as well, which can be convenient if you plan to attend. For the days you do want to venture further, the London Bridge is only a 5 minute drive and the resort also has bicycles to rent if you are visiting when the weather is cooler out.


This 2 night itinerary comes in handy for travelers who are interested in a well rounded trip with all of the following features:





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