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A Weekend In Prescott, Arizona - Itinerary linked!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

These past few years, we have been very interested in exploring the state of Arizona a lot more. In our time of making this effort, we have been able to put a check mark on many of the major cities and towns, making it more difficult to nail down a favorite. Each place provides its own unique mood or vibe and we are loving what Prescott, Arizona has to offer in this way. First and foremost, we will address the fact that this town is so incredibly beautiful with its lush-green atmosphere at an elevation of 5,367 feet in its' charming downtown area. A height at which, you may experience occasional snow throughout the months of November to April, something that cannot be said for the entirety of this state. During the hot months, between June and September, the temperatures average in the range of 80°F, more or less.


The natural land is just the surface of what you can find beautiful here. Since the town's founding as a Territorial Capital in 1864, it has been an important part of Arizona history. Today, albeit no longer the capital, we are left with a town that is still rich in western history, historical buildings and monuments. Its' beginnings were surrounded by the prospect of mining gold and silver. The town went through a series of highs and lows as it relates bringing in money throughout its' time. Once the early mining faded away, the cattle industry was on the rise. In 1886, a railroad connection would provide a means to take the town to another level. In 1900, just as things were normalizing in the town, a fire struck the area which destroyed four and a half blocks of downtown Prescott. With many buildings destroyed, the town saw it as an opportunity to rebuild stronger than before, this time with the use of concrete, brick and stone in their buildings. One hundred years after making its' way on the land, the railroad was removed from the town. However, many of the structures that were rebuilt after the fire continue to stand tall and are highly regarded for their historical significance today.

With so much more of the history learn and experience, this is a place worth a visit. Even if you don't visit a single museum, you will still feel immersed in history just by stepping foot in downtown, which is a beautiful thing to be a part of. A great weekend itinerary can help point you in a direction to get you the most out of your trip. These set of ideas are based on personal first-hand exploration and extensive research to provide helpful insight on the matter. At the time of this post, these locations are open for business and fully operational, please check their websites or call for the most up-to-date status.

Where to stay:

This beautifully constructed inn, which is listed not only in the National Register of Historic Places since 1979, is also a member of Historic Hotels of America, and decidedly our top pick to stay due to its' convenience in location, history and architectural excellence. Established in the midst of the Roaring 20's in 1927, this red brick hotel holds a lot of character within its' walls and was the popular spot for celebrities and highly regarded people alike. Upon entry, you will find a grand lobby containing hand-painted ceiling beams and murals, complete with a cozy fireplace and relaxing seating as a cherry on top. As you make your way to your room, you have the option of using the stairs or the extremely rare find of a fully functional manually-operated elevator, one of the last of its' kind. This historic establishment also contains a superb restaurant downstairs, known as The Peacock Room, which serves elevated breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. In a quaint nook of the hotel, located in the lobby, a small-yet-mighty coffee stop provides specialty drinks that can be taken to-go or enjoyed while eating your breakfast in the restaurant, providing ample fuel before embarking on the days' exploration.

Each room is uniquely decorated to their own unique theme, yet all contain amenities to accommodate the modern traveler. It is nestled in a corner pocket of downtown, where you can be just far away from nightlife noise but are still within walking distance to get to many of the great sights, shops, food and drink spots.


This 2 night itinerary comes in handy for travelers who are interested in a well rounded trip with all of the following features:




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