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Scottsdale Afternoon Itinerary: Western History, Brews and Brats

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Whether you live in the Phoenix area or are visiting from afar, I've got a great mini-excursion for you that can be accomplished in an afternoon. Share this one with someone special as a fun, unique experience. All recommendations are close in proximity to each other, making it very walkable and the selections are budget-friendly, while maintaining high value in substance.

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

This journey will start you near the major cross streets of Goldwater Boulevard and Indian School Road, in an area known as Old Town Scottsdale. The general location is home to great restaurants and bars, awesome places to explore, and a lot of history in the buildings and area itself. This will be a situation (depending on your groups' ability) where you can park at a single location and explore on foot from there. There is a parking garage found at the museum, where you can walk a short distance to conveniently visit all of the places, without wandering too far. Alternatively, since drinking alcohol may be involved, you may want to arrange alternative ride options, or plan to stay at a hotel.

First Stop:

Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West

Standard admission cost: $20 per person (accurate for 2022, check museum website for updates)

This museum contains a lot of great and inspiring history and art within its' walls where many walks of life can certainly find appreciation for it. If you enjoy various forms of art, history, or simply a nice stroll with things to look at, you will find some form of enjoyment within this two-story treasure. To explore all of the museum, on average, it will take approximately 2 hours to complete. We found ourselves here on a Saturday early afternoon it was not too crowded at the time. There is much to take in and appreciate at every turn. The entirety of the first floor is essential, but don't miss the exhibits on the second floor, which are rotated on occasion. Also, take care to step into the courtyard area, full of amazing sculptures, located at the center of the building.

Second Stop:

Goldwater Brewing Co.

Distance: from museum, 0.3 mile. Approximately a 6 minute walk (2 minute drive) to Scottsdale, Rd

Once you've soaked up as much as you handle in western history, take a small jaunt over to Goldwater Brewing Co. where the beer options are cold and plentiful. They have a well-rounded variety on tap, so there is a good chance you will find something you like. Consider it a nice treat to enjoy while reflecting on your favorite parts of the museum. The location is not incredibly large but if you manage to go during a non-peak hour, then it should be reasonable to find a seat.

Below are some of our favorite brews that were on-tap at the time, many of which are also offered as to-go cans.

Recommended beers:

Desert Rose (Cactus Kolsh),

Hefeweizen (German-style wheat),

Stinger (Saison),

Birthday Suit (West Coast IPA),

Hop Chowda (Hazy IPA)

Purchase a tasting flight to try all that sound interesting and/or get a pint or two of a few, so long as there is consideration for having room left in you for what's next.

Since there is no food served here, it is more of an interim before the next stop, where a German inspired feast awaits.

Third Stop:

Brat Haus

Distance: from brewery, 0.1 mile. Approximately a 1 minute walk (a few doors north)

You are loosening up a bit, have a few beers in you, now it is time to venture a few doors up to a German-style scene. This is a neat place that provides unique photo opportunities and fun flair to admire as you settle in at the final stop. While you are here, you are likely to come across a hound or two since this place is incredibly dog friendly, offering catered "puppy parties" (how fun!) and has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Here, they advertise as serving brats, burgers and beer, but they have quite a bit more. Many of their beer options, of course, are of the German-style variety, with even more on a rotating craft brew tap as well. Bored with a standard glass? Upgrade your pint to enjoy it from a much larger glass boot! There are many great shareable food items to choose from, decent sized entrée plates and some healthier options too.


Destinations map: (click for directions)

It is recommended to bring a bottle of water, shoes suitable for a moderate level of walking and a means to take pictures.

Hope that this itinerary was insightful and something to add to your calendar. Let me know if you enjoyed it!


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