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Finding yourself in Lake Havasu City, Arizona for a weekend? Here is a perfect well-rounded trip for you that includes 6 travel catergories:


  • Bites
  • Drinks
  • Shops
  • Cultural
  • Nature
  • Adventure


  • Complete with Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner ideas for the foodie traveler for each of the days.


  • Gives insight on the perfect hotel for your getaway.


  • 1 day of Boat Rental Itinerary - a day out on the lake including the perfect lunch location and all day sight-seeing.


  • All stops are organized as a very efficient route where you will be free to explore by foot, without the need to find additional parking or find yourself going in circles from one destination to the other.


  • Most walking will take about 5 minutes in between each major stop (*varies based on individual).


What to expect:


This trip assumes you need some time to get to your destination, so your 1st day adventure will begin at lunch and provides you with plenty to do for your afternoon and evening to get aquainted with the area.


The 2nd day is a lovely and well-rounded, starting you out at the perfect breakfast spot. Then, allows you to get a full day experience out on the lake with various sights to see throughout the day


The 3rd day assumes traveling back to your home-base is in the equation, so it will still be fun-filled with places to explore and concludes with a nature scene and lunch in mind to give you fuel for the road. 


More details and backstory of this itinerary is available on our blog. 


For a completely custom curated experience, sit back and let us do the work to give you a dream vacation itinerary designed to fit your needs. Please reach out with your inquiry today! 



  • Note 1: This itinerary assumes traveler(s) aged 21+ for sprinkling in local breweries. However, each days are still packed with non-alcoholic experiences, fun for all ages.


  • Note 2: This itinerary is an organized list of recommended places to visit. All bookings and reservations are the responsibility of the traveler.


  • Note 3: At the time of posting, all places are fully operational and accepting visitors. Please verify current status online for most up-to-date hours and information.  


2-Night Weekend Itinerary in Lake Havasu City, AZ Variety Weekend

  • ***This product is a digital download ZIP file and each file is in the format of a PNG (picture). The ZIP file includes 3 pages -  nicely organized and beautifully curated as one page for each day of your stay. The download is available immediately upon receiving payment. **

    Customers will receive links to download their digital products in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

    • These files are intended for personal use only and shall not be distributed, exchanged or resold to others for any purpose unless you have been given specific permission from to do so.
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